Monday, July 23, 2007

WMDs? Iraq?

So Iran and North Korea are terrible countries and "need democracy" but they have nuclear capabilities so we're not touching them. Could the inspectors in Iraq have been encouraged in order to make sure the U.S. could invade? Wonder why this country rushed into a unilateral attack? (yes, unilateral...Poland doesn't count). Saddam killed a couple hundred thousand people, I've read, over a period of 20ish years yet the U.S. has killed over one hundred thousand Iraqi civilians in just a little over 4 years.

Riding on the lucky wave of terrorism. Sadly, some in power may view it as a convenient misfortune. I'm not suggesting the government had any role in it but they've been milking the hell out of terrorism with a majority of Americans riding right behind them.

And now the Iraqi government is taking all of August off when they have September deadlines.


This damn terrorism scare might be so big (should we have lightning alerts and cancer warnings on television too? the risk is greater) that Rudy 9/11 might win and this could still continue.