Sunday, June 3, 2007

Love of country?

I would like to preface my first post by acknowledging that I do not hold all of the answers but merely choose to analise/critique the present with a strong grasp on the past to ensure a stable future. Too many today, and feel free to comment as I greatly encourage it, hold on to a partiotic ethos by viewing the present only and by holding in their minds and hearts the idea that their country, and oftentimes race, is the best and that anything different is to be feared and held down. I in no way act as though pride in one's nation is bad, for it can encourage improvement and progress, but when national pride exists in a way that alternative views are ignored and oppressed, then it is existing for all the wrong reasons. Patriotism is not a blind faith in one's nation; it should be a continuing analysis of one's country via its actions to ensure that it stays true to its founding principles. When a country strays from that, true patriotism aligns with pointing out these flaws so that the nation may improve upon them, so that it may continue to hold dear the principles in which it so fervently claims to believe. For my first post, hopefully among many, I ask anyone stumbling upon this: Is our country, the United States of America, truly acting out the wishes of its founders? And, if it is not, is one to be labeled unpatriotic if he/she points out this fact for the betterment of the nation?

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