Monday, December 3, 2007

Bush impeachment...

Is it because Congress is weak that the Administration or the "Decider" have yet to be held accountable for their actions? It appears that some may be punished for the attorney firings but what about dismissing Habeas Corpus, advocating "enhanced interrogation," and just generally ignoring the Legislative branch? The Republican-lead Congress of the late-90's pounced on Clinton's scandal. Nothing has yet been concrete enough? We're living too close to 9/11 to challenge our 9/11 President?

Would the patriotism of the opposition really be challenged 6 years later or is he in such a lame duck stage that everyone is looking ahead to 2008? Maybe the prospect of Cheney replacing W. makes some reconsider.

All I've heard is that a Democratic majority was elected last fall to get us out of Iraq and to stop Bush from gallivanting around like he's a dictator yet nothing has changed. He's yet to be held accountable for his ignorance and chroneyism.

Elected on a modest foreign policy platform...pre-emptive war. C'mon...Iraq? Yes Saddam was bad but that wasn't the initial justification and they knew that going into it. His genocide against the Kurds was after a George (senior) Bush speech in which he declared that Iraqi citizens should stand up against Saddam. A rebellion ensued and was crushed thanks to mustard gas and friends. U.S. forces occupying nearby were not permitted to act. A rebellion was called for but not supported which resulted in genocide. (The End of Iraq by Peter Galbraith)

Elected on a pro-environment, anti-emissions platform (for a conservative)... Healthy Forests Initiative (increases chances of wildfires while allowing removal of largest, most fire-resistant trees all for profit) and the Clear Skies Initiative (allowing voluntary compliance at pre-Clean Air Act standards). (Strategic Ignorance by Carl Pope)

But no single, definitive, publicizable act has yet occurred and Bush smartly (or with the help of a note from Rove), placed behind him someone the public feels is evil and cruel, thus decreasing any chances of said impeachment.

If anyone disagrees or can opine as to why he hasn't and likely will not be impeached, please comment. I'd love to know.

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